Friday, March 2, 2012

The First Time I lost My Innocence (Part 1)

Leslie Jr. or Jun to us his friends, was the first guy I became friends with when I transferred to Baguio. We were roommates. On the first day we met, he asked me if we could play billiards. Since classes wouldn't start until the next day and there was nothing else to do, I obliged. He's originally from La Union but seemed to know a lot of places in Baguio since the location of the billiards hall we played at wasn't the ideal place to have such a business. It was hidden at the back of rows of shoe shops specializing in cowboy boots popular in the city.

We played several rounds of 9-ball. I never won any of the sets we played. I couldn't complain because I got to know him better even if I sat out almost the entirety of the game. He shared his passion for the game we were playing, how he would earn by beating seasoned players from his province and how he would use the prize to buy beer. He talked about his girlfriend, how he appeared to be so proud of the relationship despite the fact that his partner once cheated on him. Like me, he also worked at a public market. He also didn't mind talking about a few of the personal stuff about him like how he came from a broken family or how he thought his prick was larger than others. How that topic came up, I don't know. All I was sure about was I never asked about it and all I did was only listen. All of these things I knew the first time I met him.

After playing billiards, we also walked around downtown Baguio. We went to Burnham Park, ate street food in Harrison and Mabini, window-shopped at the boutiques in Session, and bought some toiletries at Baguio Centermall (SM was not yet around at that time). It was fun and although I did most of the listening in our conversations, I think we hit it off instantly.

Bromance wasn't coined yet during that time and if it were, we would have been the perfect example. We kind of became famous in the dormitory because of our "relationship". A few weeks into our stay in the dormitory, we already shared our food together. We took showers together, so that part about his dick he was bragging about was right after all. We also even slept on a bed together. We could no longer hide everything from each other, We were inseparable. Had it not been for our respective girlfriends, we would've been tagged as fags. We were like siblings. I was the older brother he never had and he was the younger brother I wished I had.

Just like any typical teenaged boys, we both wanted to always have a good time. For me, good time meant partying with friends at a local bar. For him, good time meant partying harder even at the comfort of our own dorm room. It was always easier for us to sneak in booze than to sneak out of the dorm after curfew hours.

Getting drunk became a habit for both of us. Our roommates would in turn make it a habit to pull pranks on us when we're whacked. We'd both wake up the next morning full of permanent ink all over our bodies and faces. There were also times when we'd wake up shivering with all our clothes and blankets missing. Such antics made both of us the adorable and cute resident butt of all jokes.

One time, after a night of beer guzzling, Jun and I arrived home seeing our roommates and another friend from the other room already sleeping. Going by the stale smell of mixed alcohol and nicotine inside the room, it's easy to conclude that these guys were dead drunk too. The guy from the other room was occupying my bed. Sharing a single bed with guys in the dorm is normal, but at that time I couldn't squeeze in my bed because the guy was 6 foot-fat. I could barely move his arms. So, Jun shared his bed with me.

Since all the people inside were all drunk, I thought I could safely sleep and didn't have to worry about anything the next morning. I was wrong. What happened next was something I'll never forget.


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  3. waaaaaaaaaaaa cliffhanger! sabi ng Literary teacher ko, bad daw yung maghihilig sa mga bitin at mangbitin nyahahahaha ☺

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