Monday, July 2, 2012

On Afflictions and Trivialities

I am hot!

In my mind I always am. A lot of people, even friends, may disagree with this statement, but I care not because my body agrees with me for at least once every year. And today is that day when it happens. Currently, my body temperature reads 38.6°

I am such a sickly weakling! But what can you expect? I come from a sickly lineage. I've seen relatives who lived under the same roof lose battles against  pneumonia, Alzheimer's, cancer, and even bipolar disorder. (Believe me, you wouldn't want that to happen to a family member). Being down with the flu is nothing but normal. Inconsequential. Parang Trivia lang nina Ripley's at Guinness.

According to the World English Dictionary, trivia means:

— n
functioning as singular or plural petty details or considerations; unimportant things; trifles; trivialities

Trivia's just good-to-know information. Nothing more. 
Life goes on, with or without them. Parang lagnat ko lang. Kahit meron  nito, Happiness pa rin! 
Right now, my body hurts, I've got stuffy nose, watery eyes, and all that but I won't make a fuss over something so unessential and normal. This too will pass. Yeah?