The Innocent

Maria Margarita Joe, twenty nine, Philippines!


Ganyan ang gusto kong introduction. May oomph! Pasok sa semi-finals, at dahil pasok ako sa semi-finals, may interview portion.

Host: Hi, Maria Margarita! How would you like us to call you?

Me: To the ladies you can call me Mark, and to the gentlemen, you can call me anytime!

Host: Great! Here is your question from our judges, Tell us something about yourself that we can't see in your resumé?

Me: Is this really a beauty pageant or a job interview? Thank you for that very beautiful question. Well, I'd like to describe myself as the epitome of happiness and optimism. I am not perfect. I may not have that statuesque height of Miss China, that luscious lips of Miss Ukraine, or that sweet chocolate skin of Miss Angola, but I have this (points to my temple), and this (points to my heart). My mind and my heart are more than enough instruments to exhude cheer and positivity. I believe that ugliness pervades among us, but through me and through the blog I maintain, I am hoping that people will believe that beauty and cheer still abound despite the negativity around. Muito obrigado Brasil!

Ngayong nalaman niyo na kung paano ko nakuha ang korona, hayaan niyo namang isama ko kayo sa aking mumunting espasyo dito sa birtwal na mundo para lubos niyo pang makilala ang katauhan sa likod ng korona.

Mabuhay! Hello there! I'm Mark, and welcome to my blog!