Wednesday, May 23, 2012

See You Soon

Pakitingin naman kung nakikita mo diyan ang pangalan ko sa mga malapit nang sumunod sa'yo.

Kung hindi mo makita, pakisabi naman kay San Pedro, I will do my best para maging karapat-dapat na kasama diyan sampu ng mga mababait na pamintang tulad mo. 

Nga pala, ngayon siguro nakikita mo ako na may kasama dito sa Baguio. Siya na yata ang Gardo ng buhay ko.   Alam mo din siguro kung ano ginagawa namin nung time na sinusundo ka na ni Angel Gabriel. Maka-timing ka naman kasi madaling araw. Ikaw na ang mischievous brother.

Tama nga ang kasabihan, "Good souls die young.". Tama ka, mas mabait ka. I wish you would've been a little bit naughtier so you would've stayed a bit longer, but it's just me being selfish. Para kasing kulang yung time eh.

Brader, Miss na kita. Pag nagparamdam ka, hindi ako matatakot, pramis! Kahit one time lang. Gusto lang kita pasalamatan sa  maikling panahon na naigugol mo para sa akin. It was short, but was well worth it, kahit na I wanted more. I learned a lot from you. I hope you know that. I'm sure you do. 

Thank you. 

I want to say a lot more but I want to keep it private between the both of us, so just do eavesdrop on my prayers na lang. Okay? Try to put earplugs na din.

Rest well, brader. You will always be remembered.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tinidor (2)

Shall I follow my instinct when it has already failed me in the past?
Is it unfair to think of my own happiness first before everything, and everyone else?
Should I let this day pass, intoxicated and all, and decide tomorrow, or should I make the decision now?

My mind tells me to leave, but my heart shouts "Come back!"

How do I strike a balance?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

I Am Ready

I'm Mark.You are?

My name is Ga...(commotion)

May mga matututunan din pala ako sa mga TV ads na lumalabas ngayon. Take for example Close Up's Moving Closer commercial. For the longest while I thought my heart's been exposed to a lot of hurt that it's already damaged beyond repair. I realized that although it has experienced countless heartaches and pain, it's still capable of giving so much love. Pain may be limitless, but so is love. I just needed to have courage to start an exciting beginning and confidence to make the first step. Just like what the guy has in the commercial.

Despite the commotion and all the distractions around, I only needed to have the confidence to take on the stage called life and accept its amazing possibilities.

I just met the most incredible girl today and I don't even know her full name. But Ga, this is for you...

Inch by inch we're moving closer
Feels like a fairytale ending
Take my heart, this is the moment

So, today exactly a month from my birthday (ehem, friends), I proclaim to myself that I am ready. I'm ready to love again.

Moving closer... 
Closer to you... 
Moving closer... 

I'm moving closer to you.

I end this post with hope, just like the song, that I'm moving closer to YOU.
I dream of the day when this finally happens: Me, confidently proclaiming to the world my admiration for you. You, slowly approaching me with happiness in your eyes telling me something like this:

By the way, it's Gardo.