Sunday, January 6, 2013

It Has Started

(picture from here)
meet social media friends.

Tatlo pa lang sila sa daan-daang personalidad mula sa blogosperyo na aking gustong makilala ng lubusan. 

Favorite line ko last night: "Sino si...?" 
Sila naman: "Kilala mo si..?"
Madami pa oras. Makikilala ko din sila. Humanda kayo!

Salamat sa oras at mga kuwento Tropang Heyoshua, Neighbor Ceiboh at Brader Macallister!=)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Bucket List (3)

2013 is going to be very excitingly busy.

Thanks to Cebu Pacific, travel in the Philippines never became the same. Because of their January promo fare, I was able to book a flight with friends somewhere. One of the things I want to do is already halfway ticked out - Travel.

Pero hindi lang basta travel ang gusto ko, I want to travel:

on a boat. 2005 pa ako huli sumakay ng bangka. Gusto ko ulitin yung mawalan ng gas sa gitna ng isang maalong dagat at hatakin ang bangka ng mga nakakitang mangingisda papuntang pampang. Exciting!

abroad. Sometimes you gotta see the sights and people of other countries to affirm your belief that it really is more fun in the Philippines.

alone. It is better to observe the place I occupy in this world all by myself in a strange place.

unplanned. Tipong while in the middle of traffic along EDSA going to Megamall, you decide to take a detour and head straight to a bus station going to Albay. Ganyan.

back to Boracay and Baguio. A lot of great memories were left there. Sa boracay, I held hands with Uno while walking on the beach. Sa Baguio, I kissed McCoi sa Victory Bus Terminal. Epic!

to Cebu. The queen of Tondo and the Cordilleras visits the Queen City of the South.

somewhere I've never been to. Many to mention.


I have never been this excited to do a lot of things this year. I know 2013 will bring me wonderful experiences because I am sure I will also do out of the ordinary things like:

Buying a smartphone. Super extraordinary. For my personality, I guess.

Dancing in the rain. Imagine a 30-year-old gorgeous halfwit doing that, naked! Haha.

Skinny dipping. This will be the tamer version of what you just read, because I plan not to come out of the water. hihi

getting a tattoo. I have been thinking about this for the past couple of years. Siguro naman sapat na yung oras para totohanin ito ngayong taon.

To smile at a stranger. A lot of people do this as a starter for getting laid. Maybe I should do that too. Char!

Rock-climbing. Without the harness of course. Charat! Basta I'd like to try this out.

As I write these things down, A smile is put on my face because this early I'm already determined that 2013 will be extraordinary. It will be insane!

And to cap all the craziness of this fresh year, I ask you to come up with the most insane thing that I can do this year.

Create the craziest task that I will do this year and you get a kiss. Charlot!

Again, I leave it up to you. Just put your requests on the comment box and make sure that I can get to live to see 2014 with your requests, Okay?

Once again,

Naragsak nga baro a tawen kadakayo amin!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Bucket List (2)

Before 2011, I wanted to have a quiet and private life, that's why I decided to hole myself up in Baguio.There, I got more than what I wanted. Life became eerily quiet because I lost(more like severed) communications with family and friends.

2012 naman was the transition because it was the year when I started to reestablish communication with relatives and friends.

Who says I need a boyfriend?

This year, relationships will go full blast as I task myself to:

meet social media friends.
Since these romeos mostly roam around the same virtual planet, I wish there'd be a very stimulating orgy - of minds when we I meet them all. Galing halos lahat sila sa world of blogging(thinking of other planet, eh?). People from there are perceived (and most likely, really are) brilliant.

reconnect with old friends.
nothing beats revisiting past exeriences with these guys over a cup of coffee or a bottle of beer.

take parents to a fancy dinner.
I can't remember when we had this last. I guess the conversation we'll have on this occasion is the right time to let them know I'm not really bi, that I'm really straight. A Straight girl. Choz!

become active in social work or charity.
Dapat i-share ang blessing para hindi magsumiksik, maglumiglig, at umapaw ang grasya dahil dapat, sapat lang ang meron ako.

Dahil malawak ako.

I don't really trust my memory because it fades, that's why this year I plan to immortalize what's on my mind through blogging bilang wala pa naman akong camera. In blogging, this year, I will:

be active.
Kung hindi man makapagpost, asahan niyo magiging komentarista ako sa mga blog niyo.

write fiction.
Imagination is limitless. I think it's time for me to share happiness not just through my experiences.

join contests.
Since never naman ako makakasali sa mga beauty pageants bilang over-qualified(overaged) ako. Sasali na lang ako sa mga contests para naman maishare ko pa din ang aking self-proclaimed duty - ang maging ambasador of good looks and happiness.

May Part 3 pa. Stay tuned!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! ;-)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Bucket List (1)

Halos kahalati lang ng 2012 bucket list ko ang natupad ko bago natapos ang taon. 2012 wasn't really a good year for me or the family but like what I've said the last time, I know 2013 will be my year.

Last year, I was 3 months late in coming up with my goals, this year, I'm right on cue. I've got more time to achieve objectives and hit targets. If last year I accomplished about 50%, this year I will score 75%. Char!

Piso Para sa Banko.

Last year's achievement rate was dismal. I only found an employer and never got to open a new bank account or start my own business. Since this year is my year, I know I can have these. And these:

I already had this before I got entangled with a doomed relationship. This year magkakaroon ulit ako nito.

Stocks. Mutual funds. Bonds. Equities. Real Estate. Any one of these will do.


The journey to borta-ness has started.

Despite the unhealthy lifestyle, mainly due to smoking and being sedentary, I got a clean bill of health from our doctor. Hyperthyroid's gone, Wala akong STD, and as far as I know, BP never read 140/100 again. I guess keeping myself happy and avoiding over analyzing things helped.

I may never really have something serious today, but there are indications I can catch something bad if I won't change my ways. So this year, I plan to be healthier. These are the things I need to strike out to achieve a healthier and more savory me:

Continue hitting the gym.
I haven't gotten my six pack abs back yet,and haven't achieved my target weight (136lbs) yet eh. Tsaka, haven't achieved any one of my gymmates yet too, hindi ko kasi type ang mga lumalapit. Char!

Kanto gym kung saan ako lumalandi nagbubuhat
(picture from here)

Play basketball again.
Masaya ang butt tap given to and received from teammates whenever maka-shoot ng ball. Yun Lang.

Try dragonboat racing.
Magandang work out sa shoulders ang pag-paddle. Besides, member si ultimate crush ng TRITON Dragonboat Racing Team. Hihi.

Have a day in the spa.
After all the muscle-pumping action with these activities, one would need a relaxing massage. Happy ending di ba? Haha!

Quit Smoking.
Ano pa bang bago meron?

Last year, it only took one blog post to write everything that I wanted to do for the year. This time, It'll take 3 (Antokyo na kasi ako)

Abangan ang Part 2 at 3!

Happy New Year!!