Saturday, March 17, 2012


I know there will be times that I'd snap out of the good vibes streak. I think this is one of those times. It seemed like I have been getting up on the wrong side of the bed for the past couple of days.

Arnold Clavio must have started it. Ikaw ba naman ang gumising sa umaga ng ganun kapangit ang makikita mo di ba? Add to that his remarks on Filipinos with foreign lineage. I believe it was totally uncalled for given that the real issue, he himself acknowledged, was about a different and unrelated topic.

I normally do not get affected by statements that I don't like, after all everyone's entitled to his own opinion. I think I'm just going through a stage that Ternie aptly described - Menarche. Nagdadalaga na nga ako. Pak!

I also had a misunderstanding with a friend. That rift led me to make measures which restricted the stress he's been causing. I know I also contributed to the strain he felt, or is still feeling. So blocking him on Facebook and Twitter is the logical thing to do.

Just last night, some shmuck kind of wanted to kill me too. Well, not really me because his gesture was just a heavy tap on my shoulder and a statement like "Papatayin ko ang mga bakla, Mark". I should have been scared since the remark came from an out of duty, gun-toting policeman. Instead, I was enraged because it came from a kababata.

Add to these the fact that the Azkals lost in their match against Turkmenistan. Na-red card pa si papa Neil. What else could go wrong? Hayz!

And then, this? And until april 4th?

I should stay home and be a hermit.

I'm blabbing.


  1. bakt nagalit frined mo???


    1. isip bata kase ako..hehe

      i posted something in twirrur kase..ayun

  2. spell toxicity... grabe nagulat naman ako sa Mercury retrograde na yan. ☺

    1. tapos St. Patrick's Day pa pala ngayon, kaya yan..haha

  3. hahaha... hindi makikita ng mundo ang kagandahan mo pag asa bahay ka lang. haha.

    I also had a misunderstanding with a friend, it sucks, kaso sometimes it is needed. spell, personal space.

    life is to fun to worry much. Aja!

    1. tama, eh sa gusto kong maging astronaut at magkaroon ng space eh..hihi


  4. Crush just break the cycle..ur way too cute to be cooped up inside the house..being a hermit is also not a good idea heheh!

    You may want to do something totally different from the stuff u have been doing the past days..maybe start reading a new book, do a new hobby..kahit di bago basta medyo matagal mo na di ginagawa..saka stop watching na Arnold Clavio..nagko-cause sya ng stress sa yo e..

    O ako na daw ma-advise! pauso lang hehe!

    Just keep smiling..kasi everytime maisip ko smile mo.. i cant help smiling also..=) Yun o!

  5. we all have bad days. ganun lang yan.

    ako nga, 3 weeks na bad trip.

    you'll be fine. :)

  6. chill and smile lang... sabi nga nila "this too shall pass"

  7. hahaha. might i suggest a bad luck cure, the feng shui way? all u need is calamansi. im gonna dm sa twitter.

    altho, i think hindi naman mga malas to, except maybe for the childhood friend wanting to kill bakla. LOL.

    1. anong meron sa calamansi? asan ang DM?=)