Saturday, April 7, 2012

Simple Together

Daddy ko,

I don't want to sound too formal to you today, but I'd like you to know that this post is not made for me to retaliate on what you did the day after my birthday. Having said that, I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday! Welcome to the adult world! Your teenage years are over. You were twenteen nine yesterday, You're thirty today.

Selfish as this may sound, I'd like to ask something for me today too. I am requesting this from you because I know that you will have the maturity to accept what I want. I am asking this from you too because it is only you who can grant me this wish.

You know that I am afraid of really telling what's on my mind. I can't stand seeing in your eyes confusion, anger or sadness if I say this to you personally. Hence, this piece. I hope you know that I wanted to see in there only happiness.

A couple of days ago, you shared this song - Simple Things - on your facebook page. I'd like to tell you that the lyrics hit close to home. It seemed like every word, every phrase was created for the sole purpose of bringing back memories I shared with you. You know I don't like listening to music but this one, I must admit, evoked feelings I've been hiding deep inside. This song made me cry.

The song reminded me what we could have been. We could have been sexy together - always felt like that whenever we stroll around Session. We could have been genius together - imagine two smart people brought together, we could have been limitless together. But above all these, We could have been happy together. If only we're still together.

The happiness you gave left a lasting impression on me and I couldn't bear to think about the possibility that I might not get that from anyone else now that we're already separated that's why I agreed to make a pact with you.

I know you don't believe on this, but I promised you forever once more when circumstances beyond our control change. Now, I believe that those will remain beyond our reach. We will never be able to control them. For this, I ask you to relieve me of keeping the promise of forever. I can no longer give that to you.

I am sorry.

Today, I ask for you to not think about the promise anymore. As you turn a year wiser, I ask for you to concentrate more on everything else you ever hoped for. I wish that they may all come true.

I know that you'll understand. I'm never good in keeping promises. One thing holds true though.

I still love you.

Always will. On this, you can count on.

Happy Birthday!


 Daddy mo.


I don't want to shed tears anymore that's why this is what I'll play for you.
This song still puts a smile on my face, and you know why.
I love you.


  1. awch... how lovely! and both of your resembles each other ☺

    1. dami nga nagsabi niyan bry.
      hoy kolokoy, salamat sa pagtulong mag-embed ng audio..hehehe..

    2. saya kaya yung embed sessions sa YM hehehe nas-stimulate yung mga synaptic juices ko LOL ☺ Cheers!

    3. tama synaptic juice dahil na-juice ang nerves ko kakapinpoint bakit may mali sa codes..hahahha

  2. Awww. It's really weird how one song could explain every single emotion you feel, like it was written for you. I must say the song is lovely, and I felt your longing and love for this lucky guy in this post.

    Could've been thoughts hurt. I know this 'cause I've had lots of it before. But, we all have to accept that some things are not meant to be.

    I hope the best for you, dear. Take care. :)

    1. thanks dear!=)
      yeah. I's strating to accept that we're really not meant for each other.

  3. brader, you know you will always have my support. the kolokoys will always be here for you.

    *hugs* glad you finally had the courage to do this.

    1. thanks brader!
      looking forward for another "forever" maybe, with someone else siyempre..hehe

  4. awwww!!!! you guys look so good together! why oh why? bakit kelangan magkahiwalay pa?

    oh well, things just happen I guess. pero sayang. anyway, whatever's gonna happen sa inyo eh best of luck ah!

    and awwww gusto ko 'tong song! gusto ko ito ikakanta ko sa destiny ko, or eto ikakanta n'ya sakin. haha ambisyosa mode lang ako wahahaha! :D

  5. anglakas naman maka Young Love Sweet Love nito! LOL

  6. di ba kanta din yan?

    sana yung susunod, ang kanta "ngayon at kailanman" lols

  7. Hay.. reading your entry today made me realize na today is the DAY!

    I deleted all the ex's pics in FB, today, FINALLY.. it took me more than a year to do it kasi mukhang engot lang at may nasisingit na emo moment lagi.. may iyakan, reminisce, ganyan mga drama..

    It really is bittersweet but there's no way around it for me.. delete or drown in drama! delete na lang! sarap mabuhay di ba? heheh!

    The next one is always better than the latest one.. hope you find that special someone soon..

    1. hala bakit mo naman dinelete??ako nga gumawa ako ng post na ito para mareminisce ang great memories namin eh

    2. Most people would wish that every break-up would at least be a mutual decision.. =)

      Ours wasn't and I was the last one he informed about it..most of the people we know alam na ung decision nya..

      Traumatic would be an understatement..but it did made me a better person..

      hangkyut may ligawan sa comments section hehehe! =)

  8. My song, MJ, kung sakali lang naman at magkakaroon ng susunod ay..

    LIFEHOUSE's YOU and ME..

    Why are the things that I want to say
    Just aren't coming out right?
    I'm tripping on words
    You got my head spinning
    I don't know where to go from here

    'Cause it's you and me
    And all of the people people with nothing to do
    Nothing to prove
    And it's you and me
    And all other people
    And I don't know why
    I can't keep my eyes off of

    Parang di Holy week.. prang valentine's heheheh!

  9. KESO! post naman nito. thanks for sharing this one to the blogosphere..

  10. So this is the entry about promises.

    I must say that it opened a well of emotions in me Mark Joe.

    This is a great piece, more than just another blog entry. Something that leaves a mark - as it definitely did to me.

    Parting ways is never easy. Yet the two most important things to do are:

    1. Be thankful that it happened
    2. Nurture the lessons it gave you

    Should you have to be a bit more patient or find your forever soon, a past love's most profound contribution is to make you a better person than who you used to be.

    My two cents' worth.

    Hugs & Snogs!

    Your (one & only) Anonymous Fan (*☻-☻*)

    1. i'm moved by this comment. really.

      i'd like to believe that i have become a better person because of the experience, that's the reason why i'm so grateful today.


      hoping to read your blog soon=)

    2. I know in my heart of hearts that you are a better version of who you once were with all the experiences life has blessed you.

      The blog is yet to be realized but nonetheless, I'll inform you personally.

      May you always keep your optimism alive. Your cheerful disposition of life will be instrumental in seeing you through life's twists and turns.

      Thank you for the kind words. ^^;

    3. thanks also!

      teka, personally?hmmmmm.. kilala naman yata kita eh

    4. Who knows? We might be surprised if we happen to know each other, right? ^^.
      Happy Easter! (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)

    5. ako lang yata masosorpresa pag nangyari yun kase may fektyur na ako dito..lols

      Happy Easter one and only!=)

    6. I know it hardly sounds fair. Just put your trust on this Anonymous Fan, alright? >",<

      While my baby (blog) is still in its conceptualization stage, I'll keep in touch just as always - by posting anonymous replies to your entries (⌒-⌒ )

  11. hmm... i really don't know what to say.

    I remember when we were talking about this on ym the other week, and now that I am reading this, it breaks my heart knowing how hard this is for you.

    tapos maglalagay ka pa ng kanta ni ronnie liang kaya for sure super duper effort ang ginawa mo sa post na ito.

    well, i hope everything works for you. andito lang kami if you need ng makakainum! pak! :D

    1. yeah, it was hard. but im happy i pulled through all that!=)

      so, im grateful!=)

  12. pag wala akong magawa sa office nagbabasa ako ng mga blogs. isa ka sa tatlong bloggers na lagi kong binabasa. :) nakakatuwang magbasa ng mga kwento mo. ;) sana mas sipagin ka pang magsulat. :)