Thursday, April 12, 2012

Greatest Love (2)

Thursday ngayon. As I've said in my previous post, I will be writing something about the reasons why I think McCoi is my greatest love.

I've only had three boyfriends in the past and sometimes it's difficult not to compare all three. Para sa akin, lahat sila may itsura, pero si McCoi lang ang guwapo. I'm not saying that the first two are ugly. It's just that for me, si McCoi lang talaga ang guwapo. Sorry Uno at Rey.

I also believe that McCoi is the smartest. (Sorry ulit Uno at Rey). So far, He is the only partner I had that's well-versed on a lot of topics and issues, add to that the fact that he has his own take or opinion on each of them. Because of this, we never ran out of things to talk about - politics, pop culture, religion. Most of the time our opinions don't meet but we've learned to accept that we have our own stand on things.

In spite of the differences in opinion and strong stand on certain matters, there are times that he persuaded me to take his side through his actions. Before, I honestly believed that promises were really made to be broken. During the 18-month relationship we shared, never, not even once, did I see him break his promise, to his friends, his family, and to me. That's why when he promised that it won't come out, I agreed to make a video scandal with him. With matching pictures. (Huwag kayong umasa, according to him, na-reformat yung hard drive, can't be retrieved na yung file!)

Aside from being handsome, smart, opinionated, and being a man of his words, I also like the fact that he puts attention to detail. In one of the countless conversations we had, I may have said to him in passing how I'd love to receive flowers. Not a lot of people know that I'm a sucker for flowers. Baka kasi mapagkamalan, you know. Haha! Previous partners didn't give me flowers, so imagine my surprise when I arrived home and got from him a daisy. I felt like a teenaged bitch girl. Kilig much! Right then and there I wanted to make love with him. He's so sweet!

But there's nothing any sweeter than the next thing I'll share. This, you'll be able to read next thursday. See you!


  1. bitin. ang tagal pa ng thursday...nasan ka na brader?

    1. ganun ako talaga, malakas mambitin..hehe

  2. Buti pa si McCoi..

    sweet saka he never breaks a promise..

    may nakilala ako, sweet nga, habit naman mag-break ng promise..hahaha!

    Wala lang..magka-opinyon lang..this is about you nga pala MJ.. pakelamero much ako hahaha!

    1. nyek, the post is about McCoi talaga..=) sweet xa talaga=)

  3. ikaw na Mark, ikaw na ang flower gurl!
    It's always healthy to bridge difference and even sexier to respect them ☺

  4. tagal naman! hehe