Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fellow Beauty Queen

Because I cant get over Ms. Chuniverse's recent blog update and since it's already past 4 in the morning and I can't sleep, I decided to read more of his/her posts. True enough, she's hilariously funny. I wish she's someone I know personally.

While browsing through the posts, a character reminded me of someone equally hilarious. She has the same occupation with her. This person I know in turn is connected to someone I met before.

But enough of that, and of the writing-in-English stuff. I wanted to sleep, wait:

Gusto ko na matulog!

Dahil high na ako sa katatawanan, at nagwawander na din ang pag-iisip ko, nag-quarter turn na din ang leeg ko to the right. There I saw the blog's list of followers. "Mga Fellow Beauty Queens" it says.

Tama siya. Isa ako sa mga fellow beauty queens niya. Siya ang Miss Universe. Ako ang Miss Earth.

Dahil celebrating beauty and responsibility for the environment ang eksena ko, I wanted it be known that I'm against SM Baguio's plan to ball 180+ trees to erect a parking lot.

I'll just play someone else’s ball and make erect something else.


Naalala ko tuloy yung crowning moment ko. Surreal! It felt like the audience truly believed that I was the winner, that I was the fairest of them all. It was the best night of my life. I could hear friends cheering me on. I remember seeing flashes of lights from a sea of cameras. Glitter and glamor was all around. I was the single star that shone the brightest.

I beat 2 other contestants! Yey!

The prize was unbelievable, a gift certificate providing a 2-day stay for two in La Union. GC expires in two days mind you! I should've sued but it was all the organizers could afford. So off I went with McCoi that same night. Hindi ko naisama isa sa mga parents ko dahil wala sila noong coronation night. They didn't want their little lady be seen wearing only skimpy bikinis.

That same night din, I was uhm, devirginized.

Since hindi naman Miss Congeniality napanalunan ko. Kiber! Tsaka protected naman kaya I was sure hindi ako made-dethrone.

I was sure I wouldn't be dethroned. Sa akin lang ang korona.

I just realized na kailangan din pala ipasa ito.

I remember tears rolling down my cheeks when my name was announced the winner. My tears fell again when I turned over the crown. Ang chaka kase ng ichura nung papasahan ko. May puson! Sisikmuraan ko sana para umurong ng konti, kaso the coronation night was being aired live, so smile na lang ang lola mo.

Looking back, my reign was tough but it was fun.

That was a year ago.

Ngayon iba na ang Queen.

Tulad ng sinabi ko noong farewell walk ko:

"To you my successor, I wish you happiness and enjoy!".

While it lasts.

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