Monday, February 20, 2012

HB 3596

The country's sunshine industry may never see the light of day when a bill in the US congress gets enacted.

House Bill 3596, also known as the Bishop Bill, or the "US Call Center and Consumer Protection Bill" introduced by Rep. Tim Bishop, seeks to discourage outsourcing of US companies by restricting federal assistance like loans and grants and imposing a $10,000 penalty per day if these companies won't bring back call center jobs in the US.

It isn't a surprise that American legislators propose such measures given that the unemployment rate in the US is alarming. Additionally, it is the election season there, these congressmen and senators would do everything to make their names as rosy as the blooms in Pasadena, or as big as the balloons of Macy's. It brings no surprise that these legislators would protect their constituents whole-heartedly, or with otherwise ulterior benefits for themselves.

Our country's political and business leaders think that the proposed measure won't advance, that it will just remain a bill. After all, they believe that it will be the US conglomerates themselves who will lobby against its passage. They believe that outsourcing is practical. I agree.

But, what if?

If this bill gets enacted, what will happen to me and the other half a million Filipinos who have made this type of employment our bread and butter? I can't blame the US from taking care of their own workforce, but what is our own government doing to make sure that we get a steady and sustainable source of income?

Just believing that the bill won't become a law because others will do the lobbying for our own government doesn't sit well with me. What happens to the belief if the bill gets passed? Nganga na lang tayo?

I know that it does no good to just rely my career's fate on the government but it pays to know that our leaders are doing something to prevent the bill's passage, or at least mitigate the sure impact to us just in case it becomes a law. I'm not asking the government to turn the heavens upside down. I don't want them to bully a bully. I just want them to at least lend an ear and assure me that I'm in good hands and that they are doing something about this issue. That's it. I thank you.


I need 500 cc O+ blood type to replace those I lost. Nosebleed!


  1. i guess all we have to do is wait.

    pareho tayo blood type. hehehe.

  2. I have heard this for quite sometime now. My office mates and I also have this conversation in the office. This news sounds frustrating, but I know USA will have a harder time coping with the recession if the call center jobs will be back in their country, imagine how high is their salary compared to what outsourced call centers agents are earning.

    Blood AB please. :)

    1. tatagalugin ko na lang, nanghihina pa ako sa blood loss ko. hehe. andun na nga tayo, impraktikal na ibalik sa kanila ang trabaho, pero paano pag tinopak sila at totohanin ang balak na ibalik sa kanila ang trabaho?

  3. salamat sa pagsali sa munting pakulo ko :)