Sunday, August 2, 2009

Young. Hypertensive. Impotent?!

27. 140. 90. These are the numbers bugging me right now. I'm only 27 and my blood pressure is already shooting up to 140/90. This scares the hell out of me. Morbid thoughts come to mind. I don't want to start taking maintenance drugs this early, worse, I don't want to be six feet under this young.

To avoid these thoughts, I texted one of the funniest guys I know - Rey. I thought that by texting him, I'd realize that the situation is all but serious. He's 4 years older than me. I would always joke about his age, how he can't seem to fully grasp new and exciting things(like facebook and its applications, and of course, this-blogging). He, in turn would tease me about being celibate for the past five years(this is a LIE, of course!hehe)

Now, the joke's on me. I'm younger and the first to manifest the signs of aging(waaaah!) and what's even worse is the possibility that I might become impotent before he does. (Impotence is a possible effect of hypertension, FYI). He thinks that my celibacy(which again, i reiterate, is a big LIE) will turn out to be for life.

My pet still wants to explore and enter crevices! and he can't do that incapacitated. This can't happen!

Texting him would've taken the wits out of me, but he's a friend. He's there to make me feel that this serious matter should just be laughed at. He told me to just think positive. and I'll do just that. Salamat 'tang!

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