Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The ONE that got away (My version)

I made this January 2003, after a failed courtship. The ONE that got away is now a mother of a lovely little girl. She's still a friend, and will always be.

If there was a crowd and she was there, she wouldn't stand out. Her smile, her eyes were just like the crowd's. She wasn't extraordinary.

Or so i thought..

I never noticed her simplicity, i didn't see her wit.

It began to sink in to me that among the crowd, she was unique and as i slowly realize that she had a space of her own, it also began to creep into my mind that indeed, she was special, that that space, that dent slowly encroached myself and before i knew it, she already invaded my heart. i was caught off guard... i fell.

There were sleepless nights and meals missed, yet still, i was in cloud nine. i became confused. the mere thought of her gave that extra push and energy to go on with my boring and monotonous life. there wasn't a day that i never thought of her,never a night that i didn't dream of her.weekdays, class days were a bliss for i could be with her. excelling in class was a breeze because i had the inspiration to be the best for her.

she totally enraged my being..i was helpless..the Queen started her reign.

Then came my proposal. it was her birthday.i thought a proposal of love would be a fitting gift to the loveliest lady this side of the planet i had known. i wore white to show my purest of intentions. i already fell and, by this time, was also ready to take the plunge..and so i did.i was ready to be her slave for i knew she's the one -- She's the ONE.

The courtship was sweet for she could already see my feelings yet it was bitter because it had to stop...she loved someone else."if you have come earlier.."

i was devastated..i was puzzled"if you have come earlier." why?
the discovery was even more hurting. she had loved me too, but i was late. i came too late.

Yes, she is the one...the one that got away...

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