Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Awakening II

Since our line of business gets few calls, conversation among colleagues while waiting for calls to come in is normal. Topics of conversations vary. Politics, relationships, gender. From the most important to the least trivial. To while away time and to avoid sleepiness, we talk.

One lazy thursday(08/06/2009), past sexual experience/s became the subject of our "sharing".I don't know how it started, but when it was my turn to talk, a gay colleague asked me if I had sexual encounters with people like him. I was taken aback.

After trying to erase the memories I had with gay men, a gay colleague asked me pointblank if I had done the deed. Memories came rushing back, I muttered, "Yes".

A flurry of questions came my way. I got confused, but nonetheless told them the truth. Yes, I spent time, of the sexual kind, with "happy" people.

Was I relieved? No. I wanted to tell more.

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