Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tinidor (2)

Shall I follow my instinct when it has already failed me in the past?
Is it unfair to think of my own happiness first before everything, and everyone else?
Should I let this day pass, intoxicated and all, and decide tomorrow, or should I make the decision now?

My mind tells me to leave, but my heart shouts "Come back!"

How do I strike a balance?


  1. Sometimes going out of balance is life's way of making things balance.
    ~Paraphrased from Eat Pray Love :)

  2. hmm... if this things happen to me, i always follow what i am feeling. if it doesn't feel right, if i hesitated for a moment, and if i doubted my self even for one split second, I DONT PROCEED.

  3. Move forward, you're bound to nowhere if you dwell on the past ☺

  4. Is there ever really a balance when emotions are involved?

  5. I will follow my own happness, MJ..

    If i failed at something by doing so, at least I get to keep the learnings..

  6. I have a simple take on the issue. Which of the two will give me a better chance of survival? Leaving or staying?

    I follow the road to survival. If my hunch is correct.

  7. It may sound a bit cheesy but I'll stick to it though.

    "Do what your heart tells you to do".

    : )

  8. in the end, no matter what you choose, it will always be how you will stand up for it.. :)

  9. sabi ni pareng jewel kilcher:
    "follow your heart, your intuition, it will lead you in the right direction"