Thursday, February 11, 2010

Greener Pasture

"Hello everyone! My name is Mark Joe. For the ladies, you can call me Mark, for the gentlemen, you can call me anytime!"

After four years working in Manila, I'm now back in the City of Pines.

Training for the client with my new employer started a month ago. So far, I'm enjoying the new working environment. There's less stress. Traffic's manageable. I could go out of the house 30 minutes before our shift and still arrive at the office on time, with smoking minutes to spare.

My current employer, Aegis PeopleSupport, made it even easier for me to decide to move back here since I'd be getting the same basic salary with my previous employer.

I may not be getting the same incentives and bonuses with APS, but I believe I'll be better taken cared of here. There's employee regularization! Yey!

So far, the only downside with working here has been the scarcity of eye candy. Proof to this was my new boss' similar observation. My new boss, BTW, is as pamin-becky as me. Baguio's still full of nice places to go to, but where have all the beautiful men gone?!

Even with the lack of nice masculine faces, I wouldn't trade anything for Baguio. Here, everyday is vacation day. And did I mention that I now spend every waking moment with McCoi? What more can I ask for?


  1. i worked at the same company for two years here in makati... thanks for dropping by my blog. i'll tag you sa blog ko ha. :P

  2. wow!ganda APS, dress down forever din..hehe..thnx din po!