Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meet McCoi

Can't stop thinking about you.
Shet, miss na kita!
Dad ingat ka po. Wag ka maaaksidente ha? Gusto pa kita makita ng buo.
Dad iniisip po kita ngayon. Sana kasama kita nanonood ngayon.
Gusto po talaga kita maembrace.
Gago ka! Ikaw na naman iniisip ko!
Dad, Lagi kita gusto makasama.
I will think of you when a sleep tonight.
Dad, Don't leave me.

The list goes on. Kilig moments na naman! But this time, Kilig ako with someone I haven't met personally yet. We're what most people call online lovers.

He's a friend of a friend. Although out na ako sa opisina at naging flavor for the month of September, I've never been out to friends. Si McCoi and dahilan kung bakit namukadkad na naman ang tagong bulaklak ko sa harap ni Mae, ang kaibigan ko na kaibigan nya din. Buti na lang babaeng bakla si Mae at immune s'ya sa mga ganitong pagkakataon.

Kaedad ko si McCoi and we both look old for our age, ako madaming wrinkles, s'ya balding.
Unang impression ko sa kanya: Cute, parang ako. Haba ng hair ko nung in-add nya ako as friend. Medyo nagulat lang dahil connected kami kina Khaye at Mae. Lagot ako! Naaalala ko din yung unang message nya sa facebook account ko. Nagpakilala s'ya as partner ng isang recently added pepper friend. Hmm, something's brewing kunak ("I said"in Ilocano).

This happened while I was happily losing weight and getting older with Rey. So, deadma lang ang lola mo. Ayoko na makipaglandian.

I added him to my friend list still, because at the back of my mind, I was thinking, we were going through the same hell, and he's a friend of a friend ( so much of the small world poop).

Just recently, when i was already back at my lightest, we started chatting, texting and talking to each other. Nag Cam2Cam na din kami( wholesome to! promise!).

I started to like a person at a time when I thought I needed someone else. Akala ko ang moving on process will take months. It'd take me exactly 8 days lang pala to realize that I had been investing emotions to the wrong person. "Love doesn't get you miserable". " Love isn't necessarily all about sacrifices: I remember.

Once again,like with the past partners I had, I don't know why I'm drawn towards him. But this time, I won't exhaust all effort to know why. I'd just simply enjoy each moment with him (at least for now through cyberspace).

I don't really know much about McCoi. He is a different person everyday, and I like it that way. Kahit na alam kong he's dying to hear that he's gorgeous, with a to die for pair of dimples, I won't label him as cute, or smart, or funny. He is his own being. He is who he is. And I love him for that.

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  1. May you have a good life together! Best of Luck!