Friday, December 16, 2011

Hello Tomorrow!

Mahirap magsulat, pero mas mahirap palang di magsulat. Akala ko lilipas ang 2011 ng walang bagong updates sa blog ko.

Nakakatawa, ipapasa na ni Shamcey ang korona niya sa akin pero ang huling post ko eh tungkol pa din kay ate Venus.

What happened really?

I think I just paid a little more attention on other matters that I forgot to do things I love most.

Except for smoking, I stopped almost everything I liked: Writing, Travelling. I quit hitting the gym.

And then sex, too, stopped.

Boom! I’m single.

I got depressed, cried a lot. Punched a few holes into my old room. Became crazy basically (but not literally).

Two years have gone by. I stopped my life for a relationship that I thought wasn’t bound to end. I’m sure it’s forgivable for me to struggle. I’ve moved on, but I’m just still getting back at my feet. Things will be difficult.

Now, I’m starting to travel, gain weight, and pump iron again. I date here (Baguio) and there (Manila), coitus here and there too. Malandi lang. It really is difficult! Hehe.

I still sometimes miss him, but I miss the life I left before him even more.
Mahirap isipin na wala na si McCoi sa buhay ko pero mas mahirap isipin na mawala ang bagay at taong mahal ko kapag nandyan siya. Mahirap magsulat ng mga bagay bagay tulad nito ng may positibong pananaw pero mas mahirap kung hindi ko isusulat ‘to.

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