Monday, October 25, 2010

I'm Back - May Maisulat Lang

Earlier, I was revisiting my blog. 14 na followers ko! Yey! 86 na lang sing dami na ng followers ng blogsite ng daddy ko!

Much Earlier, I was busy surfing the net for articles and videos on how to sew my own underwear (of all things).

Now, I'm listening to Brian McKnight's "6, 8, 12" na pinapaalala naman sa akin ang pelikulang "Jologs". Pinakita sa pelikula na no matter how everything and everyone seem to be different from each other, there's still that one connection that binds us all.

So ano nga ba ang connection ng mga elemento dito sa sinusulat ko?

Here: Yung gumawa ng video on how to make my own undies has her own blogspot account which then reminded me that I also have my own blogspot space that I haven't updated in approximately six months, eight days, and twelve hours.

Tapos umiral na naman pagka-senti ko going through the lyrics of the song. I felt like this is the perfect song that this online journal would've sung for me kung may buhay lang siya. Unang linya pa lang pamatay na:

Do you ever think about me?

Yes, I do.

Kung may buhay nga si blogspot ko, magtatampo din naman ako sa sinabi nyang

It's been six months, eight days, twelve hours since you went away

Assuming eh. I didn't go away. I won't go away kaya. Nawalan lang ng Internet connection!

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