Monday, September 7, 2009

Gossip Guy

Word about me coming out is starting to spread in the office.

This weekend, I visited Kelso who lives with another colleague, Alexi. Alexi asked me if the rumor was true. I answered in the affirmative.

Just this day, Maia told me that another coworker talked about me coming out. She said that she didn't want to hear what the coworker was talking about.(Thanks Maia)

Who could've spoiled my coming out party, when I told those people to let me do the talking?

After hearing about this, I felt sad. One of my friends could've betrayed my trust. I asked them not to make an issue out of this, and now, one or more is spreading rumors to make me the biggest joke around the workplace.

That was my initial reaction. But after some thought and advise from Kelso, Rey and Maia. I shouldn't be sad. Instead, I should feel happy and thankful.

I realized that the one who spilled the beans wasn't really a friend. He was merely an acquaintance. Among the people I confided to, he was the only person whom I told the secret drunk. I am to be blamed. hehe

I am happy because it reaffirmed my belief that my friends are really to be trusted. I am thankful for having friends who would always be there to defend and support me.

Feels funny, I feel like a celebrity. I get to be the topic of gossips.

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